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Kevin Tran

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Kevin Tran

Post by Kevin Tran on Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:42 pm

Pouty Kevin no like
“Mom! You've got to stop drowning me in holy water every time I go out!”

Full Name: Kevin Tran
Aliases: Kev, Kevin Solo Master Chau
Age: 18 years old
Occupation: Student(Formerly), Prophet of the Lord
Species: Human
Face Claim: Osric Chau

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single and ready to mingle
Current Residence: Hunter Boarding House
Personality: To an outsider, Kevin would seem like the stereotypical Asian. He's very meticulous about his work, and obsesses slightly over perfect scores. But under that, he's very honest, loyal friend. He strives to be wanted and needed, though he'll never admit it. Ever since he was chosen as a prophet, he's been jumpy and nervous, but determined to do what he can to help the Hunters.

Parents: Linda Tran
Siblings: None
Important Figures: Sam and Dean Winchester
Home Town/Planet:
Word of God Interpreting - He was able to translate the stone tablet which had the Word of God written upon it. He was also able to reconnect pieces of the stone back together when it was broken into pieces.
Spell Casting - Upon the discovery of the tablet on demons, he had since been able to cast a spell or create a magical bomb that could destroy all nearby demons and their vessels.
Mortal: Can be hurt and killed by anything that can kill/hurt an average human.
History: Kevin was a typical teenager, albeit a very studious one, having only his mom to look after him his whole life. One day, he was struck by lightening in the middle of his room, and was chosen as the next prophet. Ever since, he's been running, being chased by demons and angels.

He finally got to Mystic Falls, finding Gabriel and Aislinn. There he stayed at the hunter's boarding house, learning more about being a prophet and trying his best to use his powers to help the hunters.

Nickname: Kudos
Contact Information: PM
Other Characters: Castiel, James Colt, Stefan Salvatore, Asmodeus
Source: *is a mod*

Roleplay Sample: Running. That was all he seemed to be doing for the past couple days. Random people with black eyes would pop up out of nowhere, telling him to follow them, make a deal... They kept calling him a prophet. What ever that was supposed to mean.

Getting out of the car he was hitchhiking in, he looked around the town he'd entered and thanked the driver, walking to a bar named "The Grill". Looking around inside, he glanced behind him before entering. Perhaps he'd be able to hide from the freaky apparitions here.
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran

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Re: Kevin Tran

Post by Gabriel on Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:41 pm


Please post in the following threads, Face Claims to claim your play by. Who's Who to add your character to list of who plays who on the site.


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