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New Site Idea? Please Vote!

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New Site Idea? Please Vote! Empty New Site Idea? Please Vote!

Post by Aislinn on Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:57 pm

I'm not saying that I'm abandoning this site, I still plan to keep this one and stay active on it! I have a potential new site idea though and I want your opinion!

I just want to know who would RP on it.

It would take place 2034 and it would be a Supernatural (and crossover with something... possibly Walking Dead or TVD?) and it would be pretty much the next generation of hunters. Because of all the drama that happened with angels and demons, people are now more knowledgeable about the Supernatural. It's actually pretty common to be a hunter because you need to survive.

The plot would be that the cage has been broken. Lucifer is free again and so is Michael, and while balance is returning and the veil is lifted and angels are now in heaven again, a war between man, angels, and demons takes place.

God is still missing, and angels are starting to blame man for it. Lucifer and Michael now have a common goal - to exterminate humans. They both believe that they are responsible for the disappearance of their father. They decide to unleash the croatoan virus and let it loose into the world.

There are some angels who are still on the side of humanity though, such as Gabriel, Castiel, and others who will fight to defend humanity, even some demons, too. Because without humans, demons are now trapped in hell. So while some demons remain loyal to Lucifer, there are many others who fear for what would happen after the destruction of the human race.

The world as we know it is left in ruins cities are abandoned. They are building safe havens now, which are essentially cities that are demon/angel proofed. They have large walls around them, and people are kept in apartments, with curfews, and they are not allowed to leave the cities. If they do, angels/demons may have a possibility of getting to them. It is mandatory for all people to get anti possession tattoos and warding symbols carved into their body.

Ben Braeden is the leader of the main Safe haven known as Sanctus, which is located in Wichita, Kansas. He is in charge of security. Sam Winchester, his uncle is the leader of the Men of Letters. Dean is the leader of the armed forces.

There are seven main safe havens. Wichita, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Detroit. Everywhere else is considered wasteland. There are only sectors of the city that are safe, that they have built walls around. The rest of the city is left in ruins. There are is a caste system based on rank. poor, middle, high (for civilians), hunters, military, men of letters, city elders/council members and family.

There is a new prophet, and it is Dean Winchester's daughter Mary. The angels/demons are racing man to find a tablet that predicts the coming of a child that will safe humanity and she must decipher it.

The child would be in his 20's now, but he doesn't know he's the chosen one. He is chosen by God (who in this storyline is actually waiting out the war to return) and will begin to have visions of the war. He is human, but cannot be possessed and can see through demons and angels vessels. He is also able to use a special weapon that only he may wield (much like the first blade with Dean).

So if I make this site, I'm thinking of bringing over Aislinn and Reagan. Reagan would be around 50 or so, so I'd see her has being one of the council members. And Aislinn would either still be an angel (since she does become converted at some point) or maybe she gives up her grace after the war ends so that she can raise a family. If human, she too would be a council member. (and possibly she has Noah??? O.O and it'd be cool if he was the chosen one or something >_> XDDD)

I thought about this way too deeply but I wanna do it so bad holy cow. If I include a crossover, I'll think of rolls for them too. I thought Walking Dead would be appropriate cause Croatoan Virus makes people zombies. But I could figure out something for other crossovers too if you had ideas! Let me know, please please please respond to this.

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