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SUPERDEAD: Wanted Dead or Alive (Supernatural/The Walking Dead RPG)

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SUPERDEAD: Wanted Dead or Alive (Supernatural/The Walking Dead RPG)

Post by Aislinn on Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:29 pm



The year is 2034. God is still missing, and angels are starting to blame man for it. Lucifer and Michael now have a common goal - to exterminate humans. They both believe that they are responsible for the disappearance of their father and unleash the Croatoan Virus into the world once more.

While Angels and Demons take a side, Humanity is left trying to come together, protecting each other. Being a hunter isn't something to hide anymore. The world as we know it is left in ruins cities are abandoned. They are building safe havens now, which are essentially cities that are demon/angel proofed. They have large walls around them, and people are kept in apartments, with curfews, and they are not allowed to leave the cities. It is mandatory for all people to get anti possession tattoos and warding symbols carved into their body.

Carl Grimes is left in charge of a Safe Haven on the outskirts of Atlanta Georgia with Michonne as his chief of police while Ben Braeden is left in charge of a Safe Haven outside Wichita, Kansas with Dean Winchester as his. With several Safe Havens located along the Eastern side the United States, it is up to them to plan thoroughly to defeat the angels and demons.

⌘ We accept canons and originals from The Walking Dead and Supernatural!

⌘ Many ranks available!

⌘ Non-Canon relationships encouraged!

⌘ No word counts!

⌘ This site is meant for everyone to enjoy. No expertise required.

⌘ Friendly and helpful staff


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