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Noctis Aeternae (Eternal Night) ~ TVD/TO

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Noctis Aeternae (Eternal Night) ~ TVD/TO

Post by NA Advertiser on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:06 pm

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An ancient coven of witches, five women, five men, no more, no less at any given time draw their power from the dead. They call themselves Noctis Aeternae, Eternal Night. They were formed by a powerful witch who had a vision of a child, one with the power to bring forth the end of days. For centuries they built up their power, drawing it from the dead around them as well as witches passed to the other side. Each new generation of the coven grew stronger than the last. When word reached them of a miracle baby in New Orleans, one to be born to a werewolf and a vampire/werewolf hybrid they moved to investigate. It became clear from the beginning that the child was the one of prophecy, part vampire, part werewolf and part witch. They would stop at nothing to gain possession of the child.

Upon arriving in New Orleans, however, they were surprised by the force they were up against. Not only were there vampires and werewolves but also other witches. One witch in particular, one of their own who had been labeled a traitor and cast out allied herself against them. Raising the dead on both sides it will become a battle of epic proportion. All for one who has yet to be born. All because of a prophecy made a thousand years ago.

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