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Jayden's Plotter

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Jayden's Plotter

Post by Jayden Asher on Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:35 pm

Jayden Asher
Jayden is a fairly complex man, given that he was turned into a vampire shortly after his only son was born. He was thought dead by everyone in his family when really he'd been on a hunt when he'd been ambushed and chosen to be turned into a vampire. The one who changed him didn't ever tell him why he'd been chosen only that he was.

Jayden doesn't consider many people his friend, he tends to keep them at arm's length. None of the vampires fall into this category and he would rather not deal with any of them at all. But he has to maintain decent relations or he'd have to hunt exclusively animals, he's rather fond of the blood banks so he maintains connections.

Anyone and everyone that would harm him for being a vampire, anyone that harms his family. This list is ever growing and includes his fellow hunters, he doesn't care though not really since they are his enemies by their own doing typically.

Not too interested in a permanent relationship, not since his wife thinks he's dead. He has not moved on from the fate that befell him and now he is trying to figure out how to move on. Jayden does have a bit of interest in Aislinn the nephilim friend of his niece.

Jayden Asher

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