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Post by Salem Winters on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:18 pm

Salem's Plotter 5byyic

Smart ||Cunning ||Hunter || Hybrid

Salem Elizabeth Winters is a hunter that goes after demons mostly but she goes after others too. Also she is hybrid, which is half vampire half wolf. Her nicknames are Sammy,Sam or Sal, but prefers to be called by her real name. She was from Colombia, South Carolina but currently now she lives in Mystic Falls. Right now Salem's goal is to find the demons who killed her parents.

Salem's Plotter 33otfmx
Right now Salem doesn't have a lot of friends. As it is hard for her to keep then because of her personality. Mainly she might have couple but they usually leave of they just come to her to ask for something. Salem can be kind when she wants to but she also likes to work alone and not harm anyone. Trust is one of her weaker trait as what happened in her past.
Salem's Plotter 261dk5y
Salem is really not the one to fall in love at the moment. As again with her not trusting people and working alone. But she also feel it would slow her down from her quest, which is not something she is ready to slow down yet. Plus she not ready as haven't had much advice of the ways of dating. She may come off flirty but she raised as a southern belle so yeah it's going come out that way. Soon maybe Salem will find someone to share her heart with.

Salem's Plotter 2e6g9xf
Through the years Salem made plenty of enemies in her day. It's mainly because of her loud mouth, as she likes to tell the truth no matter how it hurts. A second thing, she's a hunter so yeah not many buddies on the mythical creatures end. Also many people don't like her because of her tough girl attitude which can get out of hand sometimes. But mostly the reason she makes enemies because of her lying habit, which she is trying to stop.

Salem's Plotter Dd0t1x
So, this debate was created by me, Dani, or as I'm known around caution,
MAGS to the NETO ! All that I ask is if you want to use please, ask me, or hit up
my caution tracker. Because if you steal it, I promise you my rabid leprechauns

will mysteriously come out of hiding and eat you! The Lyrics are all from
Leona Lewis songs, of course! So make sure and give her some credit as well!
Because she's awesome and gorgeous and deserves love!!

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Salem Winters
Salem Winters

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