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Reagan's Plotter

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Reagan's Plotter

Post by Reagan Asher on Tue Jun 24, 2014 6:51 pm


Reagan is stubborn, cunning, and has a short temper. She's impulsive and patient, but is educated in the ways of hunting the Supernatural. She comes from a long line of well known hunters, such as the Asher family and is a descendant of King Solomon.

Reagan works best alone, but she makes friends easily because she is very welcoming and hospitable. She likes to drink socially and will often make friends in the bar to chat with.

Reagan doesn't do relationships. Ever since her fiance was murdered during a vampire attack within Mystic Falls, and the divorce between her parents, she had decided not to get involved with anyone. An occasional friends w/ benefits and a one night stand is nice, but otherwise, she doesn't get involved.

Reagan's biggest foe at the moment is a torture demon known as Raptus, but she also holds a vendetta against vampires, due to the fact that they killed many of her friends and her fiance. She fights anything that's Supernatural and is harmful to humans and isn't afraid to get down and dirty to kill them.

Reagan Asher

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