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Post by Aislinn on Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:58 pm

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Aislinn is very kindhearted and hopeful. She is ambitious and wants nothing more than to be accepted by the kingdom of heaven as one of their own angels.

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Aislinn is very sweet and eccentric and loves making friends. She lives in the hunter boarding house and is best friends with Reagan Asher, although she is very social with a lot of people within Mystic Falls.

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Aislinn was once in love, but she had to let him go when she realized that her lifestyle was too dangerous to date someone who wasn't a hunter. Although she doesn't really see herself interested in anyone, nothing would be able to stop cupids bow if it struck her.

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Aislinn's greatest foe is Raptus at the moment. He is currently after her due to the fact that he wants to bring her to hell and feed her demon blood, creating an Daeva. She considers anything supernatural that is a threat to humanity to be an enemy as well.

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