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Predator // Aislinn Empty Predator // Aislinn

Post by Raptus on Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:21 pm

Raptus had caught wind that two of his most wanted victims of torture were now within a very peculiar town Mystic Falls. Even better, they were friends with with each other. Well this was very, very convenient, now wasn't it? A smirk across his face, Raptus had been watching for Aislinn for a while now. She was the nephilim that was of the prophecy... if she wasn't then the prophecy had to be false. Either way, having her on his side would prove to be useful and beneficial when the demons were to wage war on Heaven.

Standing outside the bar, Raptus's eyes were narrowed, watching her within the bar with curiosity. When was she planning on coming out? After his little run in with Reagan, he wondered if she had told her of his arrival to the town... because if she did, then Aislinn was going to be cautious. She was going to be on the look out. Not only did she know that she was being hunted, but she was angry with Raptus for the capture of her mother, an angel. Now she was trapped in the darkest pits of Hell, and it was quite a surprise that no angels came to her rescue. Perhaps it was because of the fact that they didn't need an angel who was going to betray them and create an abomination of a child?

Closing time would be soon, so she wouldn't be able to hide in there forever. He wasn't going to make an obvious appearance in somewhere so public. He'd wait until she had made her way outside so that he could better his chances of not making a scene. He wanted to get her and be quick about it.

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Predator // Aislinn Empty Re: Predator // Aislinn

Post by Aislinn on Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:36 pm

He was watching her. When Reagan had alarmed Aislinn of Raptus's visit to Mystic Falls, she knew that this was it. He was coming to try and take her, like he had tried when she was staying in Chicago... and Detroit... and London... and anywhere else she tried to go. Now he was here and he was going to cause trouble with her after she settled in.

Absolutely not. Taking her last shot, she knew that she couldn't stay in the bar forever, so she gathered herself and calmed down, getting up from the bar stool and heading for the door. She sent multiple texts to her hunter friends, sending them an SOS text. They'd come if she needed it. They always did.

When she had walked out of the bar, she noticed that there were crowds in the street, although she was unsure as to why it was so busy tonight - nothing was going on in particular, was there? No, not that she knew of... and now she lost him. Crap. She whirled herself around, trying to find those pair of dark, sinister eyes and slick, raven hair that was so conspicuous to her. Where did he go?

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