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Arnold Asher

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Arnold Asher

Post by Arnold Asher on Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:10 am

“Make the punishment fit the crime. ”

Full Name: Arnold Asher
Aliases: Earnest
Age: 57
Occupation: Hunter
Species: Human
Face Claim: Russel Crowe

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Current Residence: Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Personality: Arnold is very much the product of a line of Hunters, he is suspicious of others and very much not keen on trusting. To Arnold trust is earned and you do not earn it till you've proven your worth to him in defending yourself or those he cares about. This man is very much one that will only trust a select few others. Arnold has learned his lesson about alcohol and he abstaines completely, he will never again touch a drop it cost him to much for him to risk it. He has learned that drinking does a number on him, he won't let himself lose his mind because of alcohol.

Arnold is a man that is friendly to the handful of people who get passed his suspicion, he does allow people in they just have to earn it. Though he is very perceptive and quite capable and reading people due to many long years as a Hunter. He is one of the many people that are capable of knowing when people have ill intentions. Inquisitive is another good word to describe him he questions things and tries to find the truth no matter the facts. He keeps prying until he figures everything out.

This man has developed an odd habit, he sniffs the air habitually for strange scents and tries to find things. This man is very deceitful when he needs to be and he lies as needed and will do his best to protect himself and his family. He is very much a man that will do anything that is needed to protect his family. He is kind to those he cares about and will help them no matter what has happened between them. Arnold is also determined when he has a goal or is on a hunt that is because hunts require determination to stay on the track. He does have a lot of cynicsim but only to a point and he is very much a man that knows when enough is enough. Though don't cross this man he is very vengeful and hard to stop when he is angry.
He usually has black steel-toed boots on and the jacket is actually leather.

Parents: Mother: Martha Asher, Father: Alistair Asher
Siblings: Johnathan Asher(60), Jennifer Asher(55), Jayden Asher(52)
Children Jayden Asher, Charlotte Asher, Reagan Asher
Important Figures: Evangelina (ex-wife)
Home Town/Planet: Jamestown, North Carolina, USA
Powers/Skills: skilled with guns, good at knife/blade use, excellent tracker, quick on his feet, Good Hand to Hand combatant
Weaknesses: His Family
History: Arnold was born to Martha and Alistair Asher. His parents were Hunters, who started training him as soon as he was 9-10. His childhood was normal for anyone born to rich parents in the 50's. It wasn't until he was 10 when his life changed. He was trained from then on to be a hunter and not just a hunter but the best hunter since he had everything he needed.

In his teenage years he hunted alongside his father and the rest of his family. He most often hunted with his older brother, John. It was during these years that he got really into hunting. When he was 18 he met Evangelina, who would become his wife for a long time. He ended up marrying her when he turned 20.

He hunted with his wife for a few years until he returned home for a short time. At which time while he was there his younger brother "died", or at least that's what his parents believe. He believes very differently because at the site where he died there was a smell of sulfur but with it a different fainter smell which is why he constantly sniffs the air for it. Where his brother died there was some blood and a finger. At the age At 25 he had his first son who he named Jayden, in honor of his brother. Then when he was 28 he had his oldest daughter, Charlotte. After a couple of years he had his youngest daughter Reagan.

It wasn't until years later when he started to doubt that his brother was alive. He started to drink because of it and that led to him having an affair. After a while his wife found out and they divorced and that set him straight. He feels guilty because of it but right after it he drank even more. So about a year after the divorce he found the first real clue that his brother was still alive. The clue was a thing that only he and his bother knew, it was a rune that they used to let the other one know they were safe. He also served 8 years in the Army and got the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.

Nickname: Kai
Contact Information: PM, Skype
Other Characters: None
Source: Prissy

Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.

Arnold Asher

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Re: Arnold Asher

Post by Reagan Asher on Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:14 am


Please post in the following threads, Face Claims to claim your play by. Who's Who to add your character to list of who plays who on the site.

Reagan Asher

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