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Damon Salvatore OKlROtJ
“Don't mistake the fact that we haven't set you on fire in your sleep for trust.”

Damon Salvatore Tumblr_myfmgzR4Cu1rl3yf0o1_500
Full Name: Damon Salvatore
Aliases: N/A
Age: 25 | 173
Occupation: N/A
Species: Vampire
Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder

Damon Salvatore Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Mystic Falls
Damon acts arrogant and sarcastic, showing little to no regard for human life and using whatever people he can get his hands on as his personal playthings. He shows pity to neither Caroline Forbes nor Vicki Donovan, even going so far as to kill Stefan's football coach to "prove" that he has no humanity left. He is also portrayed as a very impulsive vampire, known for his self-destructive behavior and his devious, sadistic mind. Despite this, he stays focused on his only goal: getting Katherine out of the tomb. This shows his ability for planning and forethought, and certainly the patience to wait one hundred and forty-five years for the necessary comet to return.
After Katherine is discovered to have been alive the entire time, and his reason for doing the things he has been doing shattered, Damon becomes more dangerous because he drinks alcohol constantly, bonding with others at the bar. He destructively taunts Alaric Saltzman about being the one to kill his wife, Isobel Flemming, but is confused when he finds that Isobel is Elena's birth mother. He tempts his brother with human blood, though he knows exactly what Stefan used to be, and when Stefan goes off the deep end, Damon helps Elena detox him. He also genuinely thanks Bonnie Bennett for disabling the device that could kill him, surprising her with his sincerity.
Every time his brother is put in a situation that endangers his life, Damon protects him, but he's not afraid to cause Stefan non-lethal harm. Despite his anger with Stefan for his actions in the past, he hangs around, protecting him and working with him, sometimes destroying the good in his life. Their perplexing relationship seems to center around Elena, who anchors them to Mystic Falls.Elena is the oddity of Damon's behavior, the anomaly that makes his personality far from psychopathic. In the beginning of the first season, Stefan is prepared to give up on his brother, believing him to be an irreparable monster, but Damon displays true feeling for Elena. Elena Gilbert is physically identical to Katherine, the woman who turned him into a vampire, making her not only a constant reminder of what happened to him and Stefan, but a temptation to let history repeat itself. When Katherine reveals that she never loved him , Damon reacts by trying to get Elena to admit that she loves him, and when she tells him that she loves Stefan, he reacts impulsively, set off by both Katherine and Elena choosing his brother instead of him. He kills Elena's brother, spending many weeks afterwards trying to make it up to Elena, showing true regret for his actions. Their relationship began with taunting and cruelty, but she became what he clings to for humanity; he became her occasional protector, a guardian of sorts. His impulsive actions often drive her away but she refuses to let him die, and he does the same for her.
Damon believes that Elena is trying to turn him into Stefan by constantly telling him to be the 'better man.' Others continue to underestimate him and, to display that he doesn't care at all, he kills Alaric, with whom he'd developed a strong friendship. He also spends time trying to make it up to Alaric after his ring brings him back to life, treating him like a friend even though Alaric is extremely angry with him. He also snaps and feeds from Caroline's father, and, after a very violent fight with Caroline, he is confronted by Elena. He's even cruel to her, accusing her of trying to make him into something he's not. His inner turmoil continues when Katherine reappears, and he recklessly takes her offer of a 'road trip,' leaving Elena defenseless only because he is mad at her. When he returns, he displays genuine regret and, in one of his most tell-all, modest moments of the show, he tells her that he will never leave her again, showing his extreme love and devotion to Elena, and his regret for another impulsive decision.
He said this because he believes it would be selfish to confuse Elena with his feelings. This is right after Stefan apologizes for making Damon turn in 1864, something that surprises Damon to the point of revelation: He realizes what he's been doing to his brother, all following one stupid mistake. In reality, what Damon said to Elena proves that she has been molding him into a better person, because before that moment, he never would've done something so selfless. Damon also admits to missing his human life before he drunkenly kills Jessica Cohen in the middle of the road; this secret is kept from everyone around him. He lets the girl go, but immediately chases her down and kills her anyway in an effort to prove that he doesn't really care. When his spirits are down, Damon solves his problems with alcohol (mostly bourbon), but he often uses violence and murder to console himself.
By his own testimony, Damon claims that the reason why he can control his vampiric urges is because he embraces what he is.
Damon is also very self-confident, given that he'll confront older, stronger vampires like: Lexi, Anna, Pearl, Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, Katherine, Rose and Silas. Without hesitation, and without regard to manners, even when they themselves pose no signs of hostility towards him. He often taunts them, which results in him nearly being killed quite often as they are undeniably stronger than him; though of course, there were cases when he was able to best them on some occasions, as in the case of Kol and Silas. Further into season 4, Damon seems to have lost part of his authoritative and dominating personality, most likely because of Klaus, who is much stronger, older and more powerful than him.
Despite Elena's influence, it seems that he is a very vengeful person and it is routed in his core. After the torture he and Enzo experienced in the 1950's, he continued to carry out the revenge he swore to take even well into his and Elena's relationship. This also proves him to be very secretive, as he told nobody of his experiences, not even Stefan in the aftermath of the torture until it was revealed in the present.

Damon Salvatore L88Evf2
Damon is very handsome, standing 5'10" or 5'11" in height with a well built, toned physique. His physical appearance is that of around a 22-25 year old despite being over 170. Damon has a light complexion with olive undertones and has a strong bone structure with high cheeks bones and a solid jaw line. He possesses darkened brown, almost black hair which hangs just over his ears, usually styled in a casual disarray yet sometimes gelled for special occasions. With striking, intense blue eyes contrasting wonderfully against darkened lashes and eyebrows, a "bad boy" smile, he can be described as relatively athletic, tall, strong, sexy and seductive. He also considers himself the "eternal stud".
Usually favoring darker clothing; black shirts, t-shirts and boots underneath darkened jeans and black trousers, although on occasion has been seen wearing lighter colors. Damon is rarely seen without his leather jackets and his favorite clothing designer is "John Varvatos". On special events, such as dances, he wears smart attire such as tuxedo's and dress shoes.
As a vampire, he wears a large Lapis Lazuli daylight ring enchanted by Emily Bennett, as a means to walk around in the sunlight as a vampire. The ring has the Salvatore crest and an embedded "D".
In flashbacks, as a human in the 1860's era, Damon generally wore the same attire as his younger brother; Stefan, including dress shirts with suspenders, waistcoats, dress coats, hats, cravats and leather laced boots as his usual style. His color scheme as a human was much lighter, Damon was seen wearing a red waistcoat, yet still formal, showing the Salvatore family's wealth. His hair was slightly longer in style, with slight curls, showing a much more youthful appearance.

Damon Salvatore Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

Parents: Giuseppe Salvatore
Siblings: Stefan Salvatore
Important Figures: Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce
Home Town/Planet:  
Super Strength - Vampires are noticeably much stronger than average adult humans and slowly grow stronger with time. They always have the advantage of superior strength in direct combat with a human. Even new vampires who are still in transition can toss an average size fully grown human across a room with great speed and force. Their other feats include single-handedly lifting grown men high off the ground by the throat and snapping their necks, ripping people apart, and ripping out internal organs such as hearts with little to no effort. Their strength is also more powerful than that of werewolves that are not in wolf form. Their strength allows them to jump higher and further than any natural creature. Vampires who feed on humans are stronger than those who feed on animal blood. In Fifty Shades of Grayson, Damon, a vampire roughly 170 years of age, is seen smashing his hand continuously into a stone wall, causing a large portion to chip off. However, newbie vampires may have difficulties while dealing with truly heavy objects, such as when Caroline couldn't move the safe by herself in The Cell.
Super Speed - Vampires are much faster than humans and werewolves in human form and can possibly out run a werewolf even in wolf form. Vampires can accelerate their movements to cover short distances in an instant, faster than the human eye can see. When running across long distances, they appear as vibrating blurs of motion. Their reflexes are similarly heightened. Like their strength, their speed increases with age.
Super Agility - Vampires possess superhuman agility. They have shown that they can move, jump very high, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. Vampires can jump with their super speed too. Vampires that feed on human blood can jump much higher than vampires that feed on animal blood. These abilities increase with age.
Enhanced Emotions- Vampires experience emotions more powerfully than humans. Emotions like love, joy, and happiness are intensified for vampires allowing them to live life more intensly. This ability allows vampires to feel emotions at their peak regardless of their age. Original Vampires have been shown experiencng emotions as powerfully today as they did 1,000 years ago. Conversely sadness, depression, guilt, fear and anger are also amplified causeing most vampires to "turn off" their emotions.
Emotional Control - Vampires have the supernatural ability to remove or dull their emotions. They can "switch off" their ability to feel emotions such as fear and guilt allowing them to kill without remorse, go against any opponent without fear and relieve themselves of depression and sadness. A vampire without there emotions is far more calculating and direct than one who keeps them on. However, the vampire will become a remorseless killer almost unrecognizable from the person they truly are. This ability fades with time and vampires who are over 500 years old are said to loose it altogether.
Dream Manipulation - Vampires can control dreams and the subconscious.They have the ability to produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares and lucid dreaming, distort peoples perception of reality and trap someone in their dreams. Vampires can manipulate and enter the subconsious of other vampires and even an Original Vampire if they are weak enough.
Super Senses -  Vampires have extremely keen senses of hearing, sight and smell that far exceed those of humans and werewolves. They can hear whispered conversations, even ones in far of buildings and on phones, smell blood from several meters away, and see in total darkness. These senses improve and grow stronger with time.
Mind Compulsion - Vampires have the ability to influence and control thoughts,emotions and behavior and alter or erase memories. Normal vampires cannot "compel" other supernatural creatures whereas Original Vampires can compel other vampires and vampire/werewolf hybrids.
Immortality - A vampire stops aging once turned. Upon their transformation vampires become immune to all conventional illness, diseases, viruses and infections.
Healing Factor - Vampires heal extremely quickly, but still feel the pain of a wound before it heals. Vampires can snap their bones back into place after being broken and have been seen to fully recover from gunshots, stab wounds, and torso impalement. The only injury that cannot be healed on its own is a werewolf bite.
Super Durability - Vampires can take a great amount of physical damage without being slowed down. Even vampires who have been shot with wooden bullets have been seen to continue fighting, as long as they were not shot in the heart, or the head.
Fangs - Vampires can grow a pair of fangs from their K-9 teeth, which they use to feed. Their fangs will occasionally come out and extend when they feed, are aroused by the scent of blood, or feeling intensely threatened or angered, especially if they are new vampires who have yet to gain complete control over their bloodlust. Vampire's teeth and fangs are much stronger than human teeth allowing them to tear into and rip the limbs off their prey.
Sire Bond - Although rare among them, Sire Bonds can be formed when a human is turned with the blood of the vampire whom they had strong human feelings for.
Telepathy- An advanced form of mind control that allows vampires to mentally communicate over a vast distance. Damon and Elijah have been shown to mentally communicate with others from a distance sending distress calls and mental images. Klause has also been shown sharing his memories with others.
Illusions - As seen with Lexi, vampires have the power to create illusions and trick the minds of others into seeing/feeling things.
Decapitation - Dismembering or removing the head of a vampire will result in permanent death.
Fire and Sunlight - Sunlight and U.V. rays burn vampires on contact and prolonged exposure will cause them to combust and die. vampires are also sensitive to fire and will die if they are not extinguished in time.
Wood - Wounding a vampire with a wooden weapon such as wooden bullets will incapacitate them. Stabbing a vampire through the heart with a wooden stake will result in permanent death. Its revealed that because Enzo was experimented on for many years, he built a resistance to being hurt by wood. Its possible this applies for vervain and other weaknesses as well.
Vervain - Exposure to or ingestion of vervain causes a vampire to become severely feverish and weak. Also, physical contact with vervain will burn a vampire's skin. Vampires cannot compel anyone who has ingested vervain or has it on their person.
Heart Extraction - Removing the heart of a vampire will result in permanent death.
Invitation - Vampires cannot enter a home without an invitation by the owner. When Elijah awakened inside Elena's home without an invitation after having the White Oak Dagger removed he began to suffocate painfully and presumably would have desiccated.
Magic - Vampires are susceptible to the powers of witchcraft - including spells, potions, rituals and harmful magical objects.
Desiccation - Vampires who abstain from blood for extended amounts of time will eventually desiccate and mummify. Witches can also use magic o desiccate vampire.
Vampire Bloodline - If an Original vampire dies, all vampires descended from their bloodline will slowly perish.
Werewolf Bite - The bite of a werewolf and the poison is extremely lethal to vampires. It will cause them to hallucinate, grow severely weak and go rabid until it kills them. Klaus' hybrid blood can cure the bite. Vampires suffering from the bite seem to always hallucinate moments from their past.
Broken Neck - Breaking a vampire's neck will not kill it, but it will render it unconscious for few minutes. It was shown when Alaric snaps Stefan and Damon's neck they recover quickly.
Hunter's Curse - If a vampire kills a member of The Brotherhood of the Five, they will be tormented by visions until they kill themselves or if the hunter is replaced.
The Cure - If a vampire takes the cure it will become human again. The blood of last doppelgangers can be used to undo the magic of vampirism, which revert the vampires to the state of death before their transition.
White Oak Ash Dagger - Its rumored If a vampire daggers an original, they will die when the original is neutralised.
Gilbert Device - Invented by Johnathan Gilbert (Enchanted by Emily Bennett), the Device was a weapon designed to emit a high-frequency noise that could only be heard by vampires and werewolves.
Doppelganger Blood Magic - If a doppelgangers blood is used in the Magic Purification Spell, all vampires' abilities will be stripped from them little by little and then they will be brought back to the last stage of their human life: Death. They will then relive the way they died when they transitioned into vampirism.
Damon was born to Giuseppe Salvatore and an unnamed mother on June 28th, 1839 in the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. His younger brother Stefan Salvatore is seven years younger than him, and the two were very close. He joined the Confederate Army at some point, coming back when he was on leave to spend time at the Salvatore Estate. It is unclear when Damon first met Katherine Pierce, but he left the Confederacy and returned to Mystic Falls to spend more time with her. His father disapproved of what he considered Damon's poor sense of duty.
Damon in 1864
It is uncertain how or when Damon found out that Katherine was a vampire, but unlike Stefan he did not fear or reject her, and willingly drank her blood. She once demonstrated to him one of her tricks for securing victims: lying in the middle of a road to stop any travelers that may come to pass. Though he showed an initial hesitance, Damon even kissed her while a victim's blood still stained her lips. Damon wanted to give up his human life and spend an eternity with Katherine, and he begged Stefan to keep the secret from their father, who was a member of the Town Council and a vampire-hater. When Stefan inadvertently revealed that Katherine was a vampire, she was taken away by the townspeople. Their father was furious and scolded Damon for trying to conceal her secret and protect her. Damon was furious with Stefan, but Stefan agreed to work with him to rescue her. In the midst of their daring plan, they were both shot and killed by Giuseppe, who was ashamed of his sons for sympathizing with and loving a vampire. They both died with Katherine's blood in their systems, but Damon awakened first and witnessed the burning of Fell's Church, where the townspeople had imprisoned the vampires, including Katherine.
Damon awakens after dying.
When Stefan awoke the next morning, Damon told him that Katherine's death meant his reason for living was gone, and he wouldn't complete his transition into a vampire. Later that day, when Stefan returned after being unable to resist feeding on his own father, and inadvertently completing the transition, he forced Damon to drink from a young woman's neck, causing Damon to also complete his transition. He promised Stefan an eternity of misery, not for making him turn but for the fact that Katherine had turned Stefan as well, instead of just Damon. At some point Damon received a daylight ring from Emily Bennett. She told Damon that she had spared the vampires in the church, which Damon kept secret from Stefan until 145 years later, when he would be able to free Katherine from the church.
Damon and Stefan in 1912
Damon saw Stefan in 1912 for the first time in 48 years since they transitioned; both had returned to Mystic Falls for their nephew's funeral. After an initial hesitance, Damon agreed to have a drink with Stefan and catch up. When he was feeding on a human alone, the vampire Sage found him and commented on his lack of enjoyment for the feed. Damon seemed content to feed just enough to survive, but Sage encouraged him to enjoy it, to take pleasure in being a vampire. Once he was persuaded, he tried to get Stefan to enjoy the feed, and talked him into feeding on human blood again. Stefan fed so hard on his victim that he tore her head off, shocking both brothers. Furious with Damon for making him drink human blood, he ran off and Damon did not pursue him.
Damon turns off his humanity
Every year Whitmore would show the rest of Augustine Damon and Enzo and demonstrate his research on the annual New Years Party. Enzo then came up with a plan for one of them two would drink the others blood ration in order to build up his strength until the coming New Years Eve. Damon was the lucky one and when the next New Years Eve Party came he broke free from his chains and he slaughtered every member of Augustine while the building set ablaze. Enzo was still trapped in his cage and Damon tried to free him, but the cage bars were soaked with vervain and couldn't get him out. Damon knew that if he was going to save himself he had to stop caring about Enzo so he turned his humanity switch of. Now not caring he left Enzo to burn alive. After finally being free from five years of torture, Damon kept the promise he made to Enzo to kill every member in the Whitmore family, but one and let that person have a family and kill them to but one and to the same thing again and again. Damon did exactly that and among the ones he killed was Aaron Whitmore's parents and Aaron was among the ones that he kept alive.
Damon in 1960's.
It had been two years since Damon escaped the Augustine cell, and he still had his humanity switched off. On November 8, 1960, during Election night, a lady asked Damon for a interview. She asked him questions related to the terrible fire at Whitmore House and then tried to attack him with a vervain injection, but Damon easily stopped her. When he found out that she was an Augustine member he ripped her head off. Decades later Damon finds out that the girl he killed was actually Enzo's one true love, Maggie James.
Damon lived in New York City during the 70's, where he maintained a wild life full of parties and feeding off of people. At the time, he still had his humanity switch off and he killed locals of New York; a soon to be fed upon victim asked if he was the Son of Sam, to which Damon replied, "Son of Giuseppe, but close enough". Damon was friends with Will, another vampire, who ran a bar and let Damon feed on the people there, while in exchange, Damon stole his victim's ID's for him.
"Hello Brother"
Upon arriving in Mystic Falls, Damon torments his brother Stefan by constantly threatening Stefan’s new love interest, Elena Gilbert. He remarks that Elena is a "dead ringer" for the brothers’ former shared love, Katherine Pierce. He also displays his strength in comparison with Stefan, pointing out how much of a disadvantage it is for Stefan to drink only animal blood.
A Few Good Men, Damon is in a take of near-constant intoxication, indulging in compelled college girls with loud rock music playing in the Salvatore Boarding House. When confronted by Stefan, Damon gives him a drunken speech about freedom, claiming that he’s perfectly alright. Stefan questions him about a woman named Isobel, though Damon doesn’t seem to remember her. He says “Nothing is important. Not anymore.” He speaks to Alaric again at the bar, though he still seems suspicious of him. Sheriff Forbes comes to sit with Damon, hoping he’ll be one of the bachelors in the Bachelor Auction.
Later, he tells Elena that he’ll be doing the auction, and, too drunk to do it himself, he asks her to button his shirt. He also say “she left you, she sucks” instead of listening to Elena’s news about finding her birth mother. Stefan questions Damon again about Isobel, and this time Damon realizes that someone else must want to know. When Alaric mentions his dead wife, Damon realizes the connection between Stefan’s questioning and decides to torment Alaric about it. Little does he know, the woman he killed was Elena’s birth mother, and when she confronts him about it, he reacts with extreme surprise. Later, in the boarding house, Alaric demands to know what Damon did to his wife and where she is. When he attacks Damon, Damon stabs him, killing him. He sits on the couch by the body until Stefan arrives, at which point he claims self-defense and leaves.
Damon is visited by Anna and Pearl.
In There Goes the Neighborhood, Damon is visiting in his home by Anna and her mother, Pearl. Realizing she’s stronger than him, he sits down and listens to her. She reveals that some of the twenty-five vampires in the tomb are living with them in a farmhouse just outside of town. She also knows about the Town Council and wants a list of their names. She wants their supply of Vervain to stop as well. It’s Pearl’s plan to re-take Mystic Falls, and to get him to help her, she offers him Katherine’s location. He says that he doesn’t want to see Katherine, but to further convince him, she pushes both of his eyes in, threatening his life. He later meets Kelly Donovan, the mother of Matt Donovan and Vicki Donovan at the Mystic Grill, soon joined by Jenna. The three of them sit down and start drinking. Jenna leaves when Damon and Kelly begin flirting more heavily, and somehow the two of them end up at the Salvatore Boarding House, where Stefan, Elena, Matt, and Caroline happen to be on a double-date. The kids see them making out, which ruins their night. Stefan and Damon remain at the house and are soon attacked by Frederick and Bethanne, two tomb vampires. Stefan manages to kill Bethanne, which sends Frederick running.
Damon’s first appearance in Let The Right One In is in the boarding house, where Damon, Stefan, and Elena are discussing what to do about the tomb vampires. Damon storms out after Elena calls him a “self-serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities.” When Stefan later goes missing, Damon appears at Elena’s house worried that neither of them have heard from the younger Salvatore. He and Elena drive out to the farmhouse, where Damon demands Frederick let his brother go. He’s unable to enter the house because of a human resident.
Damon and Elena talk about rescuing Stefan.
She has been compelled to never invite Damon into the house. When he comes back to the car, he and Elena meet in the rain; Elena wants to go in on her own, but Damon stops her out of concern for her safety. The two of them go to Alaric, and Damon lies to Alaric by insinuating that Pearl would know something about Isobel because of her connection to Katherine. Damon continually refuses Elena’s attempts to help them, eventually allowing her to drive the ‘get-away car.’ During the mission to save his brother, Damon manages to kill several vampires without being badly injured, and when Elena and Stefan leave together, he and Alaric remain behind to face the tomb vampires. Pearl comes back before they’re attacked, admitting that she had no idea Stefan was being tortured, and that it shouldn’t have happened. He’s at the bar at the end of the episode, admitting to Alaric that he lied about Isobel. Alaric punched him and left the bar, but Damon seemed rather unaffected. Damon comes home to find Stefan devouring as many blood-bags as possible.
In Under Control, Damon tries to coax Stefan to drink human blood to get his strength back. He even leaves his glass full of blood behind and sarcastically runs back to get it, smirking. Damon is later seen attending a Town Council meeting, where he first encounters Elena’s uncle, John Gilbert. After she begins fearing Stefan is out of control, Elena invites Damon over and asks him how long Stefan will be this way. While perusing her room, Damon tells her that John is in the town council, also suggesting that since Stefan was ‘under control’ so long, the Damon-like monster inside was fighting its way out.
At the Founder's Day Kick-Off Party, Damon taunts Stefan about drinking to stop the blood cravings. Damon later compliments Sheriff Forbes, who he calls ‘Liz’ in a friendly way. She tells him that they might have more vampires in town, because what John Gilbert said about blood-banks being robbed was completely true. Damon seems suspicious when Jeremy asks about Vicki Donovan. When they encounter one another at the bar, Elena asks if Damon knows what his brother’s been up to, and he says he’s been too preoccupied with hers, expressing concern that Jeremy is asking so many questions.
When John Gilbert and Damon talk outside of the party, John reveals that he knows what Damon is, and Damon responds by snapping his neck and pushing him from the balcony. Damon later reports to Stefan that he killed Elena’s uncle. Damon later sees John Gilbert standing to give a speech, and he expresses shock and, to Alaric, points out that John is wearing the same ring. They talk again later (with Alaric present), and John reveals that he knows Katherine and he knew Isobel; that he gave Alaric’s ring to Isobel in the first place. At the end of the episode, Damon leaves another glass of human blood in Stefan’s presence, but this time Stefan drinks it.
John Gilbert comes back to the Salvatore Boarding House to tell Damon that he wants the Gilbert Device. He wants Damon to get it from Pearl, who was ‘friendly’ with Johnathan Gilbert back in 1864. He rejects the idea of helping John, but when he sees Anna again at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, he inquires about the device. Later, he comes to the changing room upstairs and tells Elena about Stefan’s fridge full of blood. When Stefan vanishes before the dance begins, Damon steps in to escort Elena onto the dance-floor. When the dance is over, Elena pulls Damon aside and they realize one of the contestants is missing. They search for him in the woods, only to find him feeding on Amber Bradley. Bonnie arrives and manages to subdue Stefan, but, in his right mind again, Stefan flees.
Damon also taunts Elena by telling her that Stefan prefers golden retriever puppy blood. Damon and Alaric also go on a quest for information about Isobel, where they encounter one of the tomb vampires, Henry. The vampire reveals that John Gilbert has been working with him to keep an eye on the other tomb vampires. They end up killing him and having a moderately deep conversation about searching for their ex-lovers. Damon returns to Elena, where he concludes the story of their vampiric origin. Stefan later approaches Damon while he’s drinking in the living room, and Damon tells him to stop feeling his guilt. He then says that he hated him for all those years not because he forced him to turn, but “because she turned you.” Damon thought Katherine’s love was only for him.
In Isobel, Damon expresses distaste for Stefan’s new ‘cured’ personality while on the phone with Elena. He also seems concerned by Elena meeting Isobel for the first time. While they’re meeting, Damon is pacing beside Alaric just outside the Grill. Damon explains that Isobel has a ‘switch’ she can use to turn off her emotions, though he denies that he has humanity himself. Isobel later finds Damon in her temporary home, playing a game of cards involving stripping. She attempts to threaten him, but Damon continues questioning her about the Gilbert Device. When she kisses him, Damon pins her to the ground and threatens to ‘rip her to bits’ for what she said to Elena. He told her to tell Katherine to come get the device herself.
Later, Elena tries to get the device from Damon so Bonnie can de-spell it; Elena hopes to trade the device for Jeremy, who has been kidnapped by Isobel. Bonnie displays her powers by retrieving Damon’s favorite book, Call of the Wild, from the library shelf with only the power of her mind. He admits that he doesn’t trust Bonnie, but he will trust Elena, so he gives her the device. Damon is also present for the ‘de-spell.’
When they make the trade with Isobel, Damon and Stefan are present. Elena asks Isobel how she knew Damon would give her the device, and Isobel responds, “Because he’s in love with you.” After the exchange, he is standing in the same spot, silently watching Stefan and Elena hug. Stefan later confronts Damon about it, but he seems to be alright with his love for Elena, because it means he’ll protect her. Damon also reveals that John Gilbert is Elena’s real father, and he’s amused that the others didn’t put the pieces together as quickly.
In the season finale, Founder's Day, Damon is shocked when Elena arrives looking just like Katherine. When she and Stefan are on the parade float waving to the crowd, Elena waves, smiling at Bonnie, and Damon appears between them and waves back. He then turns to Bonnie and thanks her for de-spelling the device, surprising Bonnie with his sincerity. He sees Elena at the Mystic Grill later and tells her that he likes her better in normal clothing. She says that Stefan is worried about their ‘friendship.’ When Damon overhears her attempting to apologize to Jeremy, he’s angered by Jeremy’s response and follows him outside; he tells him to give his sister a break.
Stefan ‘rescues’ Jeremy from him and insists Damon is only doing it for his own benefit. While wandering around during the Founder's Day Celebration, Damon encounters Anna, who tells him the tomb vampires will be killing the founding families as soon as the fireworks start. Damon goes straight to Alaric, and then to Elena and Stefan, who he warns to leave the party as soon as possible. He goes to the building where John Gilbert is setting up the device, but, unfortunately, Bonnie never de-spelled it, and it made him collapse. He was injected with Vervain and put in the basement of the Gilbert Building to be burned alive. Stefan, with the help of Bonnie, manages to save Damon’s life.
After being rescued, Damon visits Jeremy to tell him about Anna’s death. He offers to wipe Jeremy’s memory again, but Jeremy tells him he still feels ‘empty’ inside, and forgetting will fix nothing. He also admits that what he did to Vicki Donovan was wrong and apologizes for his part in it. When asked if vampires can shut out their humanity, Damon told him the truth, not realizing that Jeremy was going to kill himself. While leaving, Damon encountered who he thought was Elena on the porch. He thanked her for seeing something in him worth saving, and after kissing her on the forehead, he kissed her on the lips, only to be interrupted by a very confused Jenna. It turns out this was not Elena, but Katherine pretending to be her.
Damon and Katherine kiss
Directly following the events of the season one finale, Founder's Day, Damon arrives at the hospital, expressing worry to Sheriff Forbes about her daughter, Caroline. She tells him that the mayor, Richard Lockwood, is dead, but that he couldn’t have been a vampire. He comforts her, but seems incredibly intrigued by the fact that Lockwood was affected by the Gilbert Device. When Elena arrives at the hospital worried about Caroline. He points out that Bonnie doesn’t know how to cure Caroline with a spell, and offers to give Caroline enough blood to make sure she lives. Elena turns it down immediately, but Bonnie agrees.
When Bonnie leaves, Damon attempts to bring up the fact that they kissed, but Elena blows him off, saying she has no idea what he’s talking about. He grabs her arm, saying, “If you wanna forget this happened, fine, but I can’t.” Jenna arrives at that moment, telling Elena something that Elena claims was never said. This is when Damon first realizes that Katherine Pierce is in Mystic Falls impersonating Elena. He recruits Elena and heads back to her home, where they find Stefan, who had just got out of a fight with Katherine. The three of them sit down in the dining room and talk about what Katherine wants, where Stefan asks Damon exactly what happened between them. Damon admits he kissed her, thinking she was Elena, and Stefan attempts to attack him. Elena stops him, claiming that she wouldn’t do that. While trying to formulate a plan, Damon leaves, declaring that he’ll just ignore her and see where that gets him. Damon goes to the Lockwood Mansion and breaks up a fight between Carol Lockwood and Elizabeth Forbes, who are discussing the death of the mayor. He questions Sheriff Forbes about Mason Lockwood and finds out that he’s Tyler Lockwood’s uncle, and the brother of the mayor, but he knows nothing about the Town Council. When Bonnie goes to talk to Damon in the dining room, wondering if he’s suspicious about both Tyler and the mayor being affected by the Gilbert Device, he ends up irritating her until she uses magic to hurt his head. He later speaks to Elena out on the Lockwood’s porch, where she asks him how he’s doing. He doesn’t admit that he’s hurt until Elena tells him that she’s surprised he thought she’d kiss him back. He also appears after Katherine stabs Stefan, trying to pick a fight with his little brother, though he doesn’t seem too serious about it. Stefan warns him that Katherine will get between them, but Damon, sarcastically, denies that it’s possible.
Damon hurt after Katherine tells him she never loved him
That night, Damon encounters Katherine in the Salvatore Boarding House, where the two share a heated kiss. He stops them before they have sex, asking extremely modestly if she’ll just tell him the truth. She tells him that she’s never loved him, which literally rockets him off the deep end. He shows up at Elena’s house drunk and angry, demanding that Elena admit she has feelings for him. He forces her to kiss him, but when she denies him with the same line Katherine used, “It’s always gonna be Stefan,” he seems momentarily emotionally broken. Jeremy interrupts, and Damon pins him to the wall and snaps his neck. While Elena falls to her brother’s lifeless body, Damon steps further into the background, appearing to, in some capacity, realize the magnitude of what he’s done. As The Return draws to an end and Elena declares her hatred for Damon, he’s seen hurling a glass into the fireplace, his face contorted with anger.
In Brave New World, Damon is first seen having tea with Carol Lockwood. She asks Damon to spearhead the Town Council while she’s acting as interim-mayor. He accepts just as Mason and Tyler come back to the house, and listens to their conversation about anger problems. When Stefan comes home later, he seems to have occupied himself with investigating the Lockwoods’ family secret. He later attends the Carnival, where he speaks to Jeremy. When Jeremy threatens to tell everyone about vampires, Damon grows serious and drags him behind the concession stand, where he takes his ring and puts him in a headlock, pointing out how easy it would be to really kill him.
He also watches Mason and Tyler arm-wrestling, where he volunteers Stefan to go up against Mason. Stefan admits that he’s supernaturally strong after losing to him, which further interest Damon. He compels a carnival worker to pick a fight with Tyler to make him angry. Later, the newly-transitioned Caroline confronts Damon in the school hallway, telling him that she remembers everything he compelled her to forget. He goes straight to Elena, and, along with Stefan, they meet in Alaric’s classroom. He is convinced that killing Caroline is the only thing they can do, and, locating her by the dead body of her newest victim, he attempts to stake her.
He’s stopped by Stefan the first time and Elena the second, who bravely steps between him and Caroline. He’s in charge of disposing of the body, and when he says something particularly crude in the presence of Bonnie, she sets him on fire. Elena manages to stop the witch before Damon is killed. When Damon returns to the boarding house, Jeremy is there, and he’s laced Damon’s alcohol with Vervain. He admits that he was there to kill him, but decided against it because of the blind hatred of his parents.
Damon, Elena, and Alaric arrive at Duke.
In Bad Moon Rising, Damon is first seen in the Salvatore Boarding House talking to Alaric, Stefan, and Elena, discussing if it’s possible for Mason Lockwood and Tyler Lockwood to be werewolves. They decide to go to Duke University, where Alaric’s wife, Isobel, still has an office full of research. Stefan doesn’t come, as he’s still watching over Caroline, and when Damon taunts him for this, Elena kisses Stefan to spite him.
Throughout the drive, Damon tries to convince Elena that he knew Jeremy would come back to life when he killed him. When they arrive on campus, Isobel’s old research assistant lets them into her office, but attempts to shoot Elena with a crossbow, as she knows who Katherine is. Damon moves in front of her, taking the arrow in the back, and Elena is the one to pull it out. Alaric discovers a book describing ‘The sun and the moon curse.’ She tells them that werewolves are hard-wired to hunt vampires, and that a werewolf bite is fatal to vampires. Disturbed by this, Elena calls Stefan to warn him.
Damon gives Elena the Petrova Book.
Also, she asks Isobel’s research assistant what she knows about Doppelgängers, which seems to interest Damon. He taunts her again with the information he claims to know. When Elena tells him that friends are supposed to help each other, he follows her to the car and gives her a book, which bears Katherine’s original last name. He admits that he doesn’t want to lose their friendship forever. Near the end of the episode, he walks her to her door, where she asks him if he honestly knew Jeremy was wearing the Gilbert Ring. He genuinely apologizes, but Elena tells him that he’s lost her forever, revealing that she manipulated him to get information about Katherine. Hurt, Damon tells her that she has much more in common with Katherine than her looks.
In Memory Lane, Damon appears in the Mystic Grill to taunt Elena about a party he’ll be attending at the Gilbert House. He wants to find out more about Mason Lockwood, and throughout the evening, he continues to drop innuendos to Tyler’s uncle, like drawing a wolf while playing Pictionary, and trying to get him to serve the pie with a silver utensil. Mason confronts him in the kitchen, hoping to keep the age-old rivalry out of their lives. Damon continues to antagonize him, suspicious about his presence in Mystic Falls. Eventually, he agrees to a truce, but he takes a knife from Jenna’s silver set and follows Mason outside, where he stabs him in the stomach. Mason heals immediately, warning Damon that he’s made an enemy. After Elena and Stefan have their fake fight at the grill, Damon leaves and encounters Katherine outside, who he reacts to coldly.
Before they get to Trevor and Rose’s hideout, the two of them share a blood-bag, where Damon taunts him with the darkness in his past, wondering if Elena would ever ‘open her veins’ to the old Stefan. The two have a brief conversation outside before coming in to rescue Elena from Elijah. Damon drives a large piece of wood through Elijah’s chest, and while Elena is hugging Stefan, she mouths a thank-you to Damon, as well. Later, when Damon is drinking at the boarding house, Stefan approaches and tells Damon they should learn to work together, or they won’t be able to protect Elena. He also apologizes for making Damon turn into a vampire. Damon seems surprised by his words, and this prompts him to visit Elena in her bedroom, where he reveals that he found Elena's necklace. He doesn’t give it to her at first, holding it as he tells her that he loves her, but that he doesn’t deserve her; Stefan does. Tears can be seen in his eyes as he says this. He compels her to forget what he said and, after returning the necklace, leaves her room.
In Katerina, Damon expresses immediate distrust toward Rose, who comes back to tell them that a legendary vampire named Klaus is after Elena. He doesn’t want Elena to believe that she’s in danger. After Elena leaves to talk to Katherine, Damon spends the day with Rose. He asks her if she knows where Klaus is, and convinces her to take him to see the vampire who supposedly knows where to look. When they meet up with Slater at a vampire-friendly café, he threatens her against tricking him, but she proves that she’s much stronger than him by turning the tables. She tells him that he can trust her, and the two of them go inside. Slater immediately recognizes Damon; he knows the year he was turned and the person who turned him, which seems to make Damon suspicious. They talk about Slater’s very long link to Elijah, which was severed when Damon killed him. Slater tells them that, if Elijah wanted the moon stone, he might’ve been planning to break the vampire-side of the curse so that the werewolves wouldn’t break their side.
Damon threatens Elena.
She tells him that she would rather die than let Klaus kill the people she loves. He threatens her, grabbing her arm, and when she attempts to hit him, he menacingly warns her to never do that again. Three men arrive and Damon immediately tries to protect Elena, even from Elijah, who was supposed to be dead. Elijah flees, leaving Damon to drive Elena home on his own. The two of them bicker on the front porch, but Elena is surprised to find an injured Jeremy waiting for her. When she finds that Stefan has been trapped in the tomb with Katherine, Damon stops her from entering, restraining her against the doorway until she leaves. Stefan makes him promise to protect Elena while he’s unable to.
In By the Light of the Moon, Damon visits Stefan in the tomb to tell him that they trapped Elena in her own house. He tries to give him blood, but Stefan refuses, not wanting to share with Katherine. He comes to Elena’s house later to be one of her ‘babysitters,’ taunting her about not being able to leave. She’s angry with him, but Damon continues to have a care-free attitude. He gets a call from Alaric, who tells him that a woman from Florida has come searching for Mason Lockwood. He meets Alaric at the bar, who’s been having a conversation with the woman.
Damon beats the truth out of Stefan by staking him in the stomach several times. Stefan reveals that he saved his brother because Klaus' hybrids would have killed Damon. After telling him to stop saving his life, Damon leaves. Later, Stefan reveals that the dead witches are hiding the coffins, making them invisible for Klaus. After he came to Elena's house, she gets Damon to compel Jeremy. Damon sits down and compels him to leave town to go to Denver. Outside, he and Elena discuss if it was right to compel Jeremy and they also talk Stefan. Damon thought he doesn't have to feel guilty anymore and is about to go. Then, however, he says he only has one thing to feel guilty about now and they share a passionate kiss.
Damon after Dr. Fell told him that she had given Elena vampire blood.
Much later, in a fight with Alaric after leaving town, Alaric dies. Damon realizes with horror that this means Elena is dead. He begins to break down, realizing that he has lost his best friend and the girl that he loves. He goes to the Mystic Falls Hospital, demanding to know where Elena is. Meredith tells him that she injected vampire blood into Elena to heal her cerebral hemorrhage, and that she would have died without her help causing him to be upset and shocked.

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Roleplay Sample:
Mystic Grill was silent, a few mortals entering, eating and leaving. Damon say at the bar, twirling his glass of Bourbon; staring at the orange colored liquid. His eyes glanced up from his glass at a mortal who sat next to him, rather close. There were plenty of other places to sit and this humans at next to Damon. Damon narrowed his eyes and bored already of his thoughts on what to do to the human, set his glass down and pushed off the bar top and stood. Staring down at the human he grabbed him by the shirt collar and yanked him back, thus causing the human to fall backward onto the floor in a heap. Coughing the human stood up and fired a punch at Damon. Damon, grabbed the fist flying in his direction and squeezed hard, staring into the humans eyes and pushing the fist down and away from his body. As the guy who's fist was being crushed screamed and groaned in pain Damon compelled him. "Stop screaming. Turn around and go home, you never came to Mystic Grill today and you punched a wall, that's why your hand is bloody and bruised." He let go of the silent, still human and as he was ordered the human walked out of mystic grill and to his house. Damon sighed and turned back around, sat on his bar stool and continued to drink his alcoholic beverage. Listening closely to everyone who entered the grill. He had mad many enemies who might just stop by at anytime.

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Humanity is a vampires greatest weakness
no matter how easy it is to turn it off it always fights its way back in.
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