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Post by Alena Munteanu on Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:58 pm

Alena's Plotter Zzoe
"i feel it everywhere nothing scares me anymore."
the info Some people choose fate while others choose their own path in life. This was the choice of a young woman would decided to become something so dangerous in order to escape from being found. This woman was none other then Alena Munteanu. While coming from a era of deep darkness and a country that thrives on the Draculian legend, Alena was built on the old school foundations and the simple way of life however, as the years progressed she did adapt to the newer technology but, only to a certain point. After becoming a vampire most of her time was spent planning on getting back at the Ordo Draconum for what they had done to her parents as well as those that were innocently murdered. Alena was never able to accomplish that dream but, she did go on to do good in the New York area; such as building better hospitals, children's homes, and being a patron of the arts. Alena is currently in Mystic Falls not only to investigate the situation at hand but, to basically live there for awhile.

friends Back before she became a vampire, Alena only had a few friends both in her hometown of Brasov, Romania  and throughout her early travels across Europe. She would always be there to try to help them in any situation but, when she was turned. Her friends had long been dead or forgotten about. She is incredibly loyal and very supportive to her friends that she had. She was considered to be a jewel amongst them.

enemies Alena has had many enemies and the infamous one was the Ordo Draconum "Order of the Dragon" but, now that the organized has faded away into legend, she is left with only creatures of the Supernatural realm which ranges from witches to fellow vampires. Those that she crosses paths with are relatively rude and forceful which is why she tends to stay away from groups or covens. She does have that pride for being a elder vampire and it shows in her words. If anyone human or supernatural tries to cross her path or injure her friends then they will have one hell of an enemy to get away from.

lovers In this section of life, Alena hasn't had much experience in the love department. Sure she has had people she fancied or was rather close too but, being a vampire she knows that her options are limited to those that are immortal or vampire created. However, she's not really all that concerned at the present time but, she hopes to find that man in her near or far future.
Alena Munteanu
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