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Post by Gabriel on Sat Jun 28, 2014 5:33 pm

Gabriel's Plotter Tumblr_ltw6l6tbz11r2s31yo1_500
Gabriel's not easy to put into simple terms, he's a trickster at his core and he has a sweet tooth that can't really be cured. He's friendly enough and likes to help, but only on his terms and when he feels a situation calls for it but he also knows that destiny can only be avoided with hard work. After all his own life has been proof of this, proof of the fact that destiny can be avoided.

Gabriel makes friends easily, it's easy for him to be a friend to someone and he's very energetic and outgoing when making a friend. He's also shameless flirt when he feels like it but this is only used if the friend doesn't take it wrong. He loves to play tricks on his friends too and most of them are harmless unless the person angers him.
  • Dean Winchester - Uneasy friendship
  • Samuel Winchester - Uneasy friendship
  • Arnold Asher - Friend/ally

To be Gabe's enemy you must have seriously messed up or be a demon. Otherwise he's willing to give the benefit of the the doubt about species. He judges each person on their own merit, unless your family then he doesn't care what you do. He'll only stand against you if you cause problems for humans, he loves humans so much he's willing to die for them.
  • Jayden Asher - For harming his boyfriend
  • Castiel - For harming his daughter, stabbing him, presenting him to the Seraphs

For Gabe to take a permanent single partner they must be incredible in some way, he loves all and he loves his life. He's a hedonist it's very evident in the fact he rarely sleeps with a person more than once, but he does love the company of beautiful women. Rarely does he let anyone know that he truly doesn't care about sex of his partner not even his elder brother's know about that side of him, he's tried to keep it hidden.
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