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Post by Marceline Bennet on Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:40 am

When the rest of the town was silent, was when vampires liked to come out and play most. And the number one playground for these creatures of the night: the blood grounds. There were many secrets within Mystic Falls, the blood grounds was one of them. Granted superhuman capabilities, even Marceline would admit if she was a vampire, she too would love to put it to test, and the battleground allowed vampires to do that.

Every night, vampires and a few hybrids gathered and fought in a secluded location just within the forest to fight over who was the strongest. This happened almost every night, and although Marceline wasn't one for much violence, much didn't mean none at all. It was fun to see vampires primal nature takeover as a psychologist all the while tearing at each other for dominance.

The air was filled with the stench of blood and wild chants from the other vampires, and amidst it all, Marceline stood quietly, watching with mild amuement. She couldn't fight on the scale of a vampire, so god alone knew what they would do to her if they ground out she was not a vampire since every night they would gather about two dozen humans and have their in reserve for those who needed to feed after or before a fight. They couldn't kill her of course, but the torture was always annoying.

More importantly, whoever found out would certainly take advantage of her special blood. What vampire wouldn't temporarily want to be as strong as the originals themselves. Back in Chicago some centuries ago she had been found out and they had tied her up and fed on her blood for months to fight before one of the "good" ones had finally helped her escape. She shook of the memories as she fixed her sights once more to the fight, fire light flickering across her face.

She also liked to occasionally give one of the vampires a night of glory, and as she turned to a vampire who stood directly beside her, she spoke quietly just for them to here. "Got a second. I think I can make you a offer you could never refuse," she said, not even watching them as she spoke, but a slim smile did cross her lips.
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