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Damon's Timeline

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Damon's Timeline

Post by Damon Salvatore on Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:51 pm

Warm Bodies [Damon&Elena]
Elena had arranged for Damon to meet her in the woods to talk about all the recent disappearances happening. The two talk about all the possibilities, both logical and illogical. Damon decides it's best for them to go research. ...WIP.

Welcome Home [Damon&Stefan]
After Stefan returns from his long disappearance or 'extended vacation' as Damon calls it; Damon finds Stefan at the grill. Damon immediately questions Stefan and Stefan; with his attitude change and inner ripper responds with careless, rude comments; as Damon would do. Damon, being pissed decides physical contact is needed and the start of a fight ensues but the physical actions quickly cease because of Stefan's words and actions of exiting; Damon persistent and stubborn follows his brother out. ...WIP.

Humanity is a vampires greatest weakness
no matter how easy it is to turn it off it always fights its way back in.
"I feel, okay? And it sucks."
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