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Isaiah Barlow (Tabitha's Love Interest)

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Isaiah Barlow (Tabitha's Love Interest)

Post by Tabitha Blackburn on Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:24 pm

“quote that reflects your character here”


Full Name: Isaiah Cole Barlow
Aliases: Dante
Age: 27 | 176 (Born in 1838)
Occupation: Witch
Species: Witch
Face Claim: Adam Scott

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Mystic Falls
Personality: up to maker

History: Isaiah Cole Barlow was born in 1838 to Englishman Cullen and his wife Amelia. Unknowing to him, his mother came from a line of witches who kept their powers under wraps and only used them when absolutely necessary. His father was one of the men who was helping build the Country long railroad, and they began working on the Union Pacific Railroad shortly after moving to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where he meets a young woman who travels with it as well, Tabitha Blackburn.

The two become very close quickly, and it doesn't take long for him to develop feelings for her. After a terrible fire that burns down her Tabitha's home and kills her mother, she then moves in with the Barlow Family, where Isaiah's mother quickly learns that she is a Supernatural due to her gifted abilities. She warns Isaiah, telling him not to get involved because she can tell Tabitha is being hunted by something powerful.

Ignoring her words, he goes to Tabitha and confronts her with what his mother said and she confesses to being a nephilim, explaining her family history and what she is and that she is not the nephilim of prophecy and will be killed. He makes a promise to protect her and the two fall in love, becoming an item. She begins having visions of a great fire and goes crazy trying to warn people, but people do not believe her. One night, Native Americans then attempt to destroy the city, setting it on fire, like in her vision. When they are able to fight them off, people suddenly look at her differently and call her a witch.

On the night that he planned to propose to her, he notices smoke near the tracks after chasing off Native Americans who attempted to ambush them. Wondering if it was more Native Americans, he quickly goes to make sure no one is hurt, only to find that the only tent that is on fire is Tabitha's. In a panic, he goes in, looking for her only to find out that she is gone. She was taken by the angels to be imprisoned. Outraged by this, he begs his mother to teach him everything she knows about sorcery and tries to cast a spell to bring her back. Nothing works though, but he then has a vision of her returning to Earth and being freed. He decides to cast a spell that will put him in an eternal slumber, only to awaken when his love returns to Earth. His body rests in a tomb that his witch ancestors have built.
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