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Mary - Elena Gilbert
Second In Command
Kiki - Salem Winters
Prissy - Dean Winchester
Carson - Damon Salvatore
Kudos - Castiel
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Face Claims

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Face Claims Empty Face Claims

Post by Elena Gilbert on Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:33 am

Please use celebrities and/or professionally photographed models only. No doubles unless for twins, and please refrain from scene queens and selfies.
To add yourself, please reply to the thread using this template

For the ladies
[code][color=hotpink]LAST NAME, First Name[/color] as [i]character name[/i][/code]

For the gentlemen
[code][color=dodgerblue]LAST NAME, First Name[/color] as [i] character name[/i][/code]

A, B, C, D
ACKLES, Jensen as Dean Winchester
ACKLES, Danneel as Holly Youngblood
BARNES, Ben as Raptus
BENSON, Ashley as Salem Winters
CHAU, Osric as Kevin Tran
COLLINS, Misha as Castiel
CROWE, Russel as Arnold Asher
DELEVINGNE, Cara as Riley Edwards
DESCHANEL, Zooey as Tabitha Blackburn
DOBREV, Nina as Elena Gilbert

E, F, G, H
EFRON, Zac as Adriel
FOX, Megan as Etta Grey
HEARD, Amber as Reagan Asher
HOECHLIN, Tyler as Pierce Lothington

I, J, K, L
KUNIS, Mila as Marceline Bennet
LAWRENCE, Jennifer as Aislinn
LETO, Jared as Asmodeus
LEVINE, Adam as Wolf Nikolson

M, N, O, P
PFEIFFER, Michelle as Katherine Wellington
PINE, Chris as James Colt

Q, R, S, T
QUINN, Ed as Jayden Asher
REDMAYNE, Eddie as Sammael
SPEIGHT, Richard Jr as Gabriel
SOMERHALDER, Ian as Damon Salvatore
TORRESANI, Alessandra as Alena Munteanu

U, V, W, X
WATSON, Emma as Ava Nikolson
WESLEY, Paul as Stefan Salvatore

Y, Z

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