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Mini Hiatus

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Mini Hiatus

Post by Elena Gilbert on Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:14 am

Hey guys so I have a TON of stuff going on in the next week or so (and beyond but we'll worry about that when it comes up)
I'm going to camp next Sunday (I'm leaving sunday evening) and leading up to that, I just have a lot of stuff going on this week. I would have made this notice sooner but I was so busy.

I had my graduation party/family in town and just couldn't find time. Now I'm spending the next few days marching in parades and spending time with people before I leave for camp!

I will be back from camp the following Monday (So... the 20th or 21st I think) but then after THAT I'm leaving again that following weekend.
I'll be on throughout the next week, but not much! Mostly at night

Also I have no idea if I'll be able to get on at camp - this is my first time going there and it's going to be super busy because it's a music camp and I'll be performing and what not, so we'll see!

While I'm away, Kiki, Prissy, and Carson are in charge!

Have fun and sorry I didn't make the notice sooner!


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