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We Need to Talk // Arnold Asher

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We Need to Talk // Arnold Asher

Post by Reagan Asher on Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:46 am

No matter where she went, or what she did, it seemed like it always came down to the fact that nothing was going to ease the pain of everything that happened. She had been a basket case for way too long and sitting around and moping about it wasn't going to do anything. She went to Hell for goodness sakes, she could take anything, right? Well it wasn't exactly the best welcome home when she came back after being pronounced dead for six months to find her parents were separated and divorcing.

Her brother was long gone, her sister was god knows where, and her dad was doing what he did best - drinking his problems away. Whether he still drank now, she wasn't sure. She left home so fast after that, and she never looked back. Only recently when she had a run in with her thought to be dead uncle, Jayden, did she decide maybe she better say something. Her family life was in crisis and it was definitely noticeable to others that she blamed herself.

So she drove her old car up to the home she grew up in, seeing that her dad's same car was still in the driveway. Well, that was lucky. She didn't even bother to call to let him know she was coming. She had to talk to him though. It'd been a year since she had actually spoken to him. It was well needed. Walking up to the front door nervously, she sighed, her hands stuffed into her pockets as she contemplated on whether she should go through with this or not. Her heart was beating outside her chest and she could feel the sweat on her brow accumulating. Her hand slowly raised, pressing up against the doorbell as she heard it ring. There wasn't any turning back now.

Reagan Asher
Reagan Asher

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Re: We Need to Talk // Arnold Asher

Post by Arnold Asher on Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:31 pm

Arnold had been wanting to talk to his kids for a long time. He wanted to, but he wasn't going to push it on any of his kids. He knew what he did was wrong. He knew that he never should have cheated on his wife. He knew he was in the wrong.

Arnold saw Reagan when he finally saw his brother Jayden. He knew that Reagan wasn't wanting to talk to him that was obvious to him. He had been to Hell and back literallly, but not talking to his children worse then going to Hell

Arnold was in his study reading as he often does these days since he doesn't have his family. He heard the alram for the someone coming up the driveway. He stood up and put the book away started toward the door. When he got to the door and opened it he was shocked. "Reagan!? This is a pleasent surprise. What are you here for?" He asked he in a very shocked tone.

Arnold Asher

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